Wrap it up and put a Ribbo on it!

My Mom, Sharon, is also a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).  We had the privilege of attending our CZT training together.  She creates beautiful tangled art work, jewelery, clothing and more!  A few months ago she published a new tangle called Ribbo.  It was shared with our fellow CZTs.

Since she does not have a blog, she’s given me permission to share it with you!

Here is her description:

“This tangle came about when wrapping presents. As I looked at what was in front of me, the challenge was to deconstruct it.  I was drawn to paper with pen in hand. . . . that’s what tangling does to you! After several attempts I then settled on starting with a circle, added a loop design (teardrop) and the rest fell into place. I was excited to see a neatly tied tangled package in front of me with very little effort and a few basic lines.  I have found this tangle very versatile. The ribbon effect gives me the strings to invite other tangles into the tile. The Printemps tangle in the center adds a special sparkle and highlight to the tangle. It’s excellent for bookmarks and cards of many occasions. It can be drawn as small or as large as you like and as many loops as you prefer. Easy, yet very delicate and simply elegant. Enjoy!”

Ribbo Tangle Stepouts

Ribbo Tangle by Sharon Caforio

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass is a tangle I’ve been teaching since mid 2010.  In one of my first Zentangle classes we talked about creating new tangles and using inspiration from things around you and nature. In talking through it, we created: Dune Grass with inspiration being the sand dunes along the south shore of Lake Michigan.

As you draw Dune Grass feel the wind of the shore lightly blowing through your hair and a bit of mist from the waves lapping on the beach on your face!

Here are the steps:

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass Tangle Step Out – Step 1

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass Tangle Step Out – Step 2

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass Tangle Step Out – Step 3

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass Tangle Step Out – Step 4

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass Tangle Step Out – Step 5

Here are some projects using Dune Grass.

The “E” in Levi.

Levi Tile

Commemorative Tile for Levi

Tangled Tulip

Fun wooden tangled tulip.

Flag Tile

Patriotic Flag Tile

Hidden Word String Tangle - Bethel

Hidden Word String Tangle – Bethel Church

Note – there is no shading on these. I was quite unsure on shading when I first started tangling in 2010.  I didn’t want to go back and shade these as it is part of my Zentangle journey and helps me see how my tangling has changed over time.

Enjoy! Think of the dune grass blowing in the wind on the lake shore as you tangle.


Moonlight Tangles

I recently received a set of Moonlight Gel Pens from Sakura. In addition to the bright colors, the fun thing about these pens they will GLOW under black light!

I was excited to learn they these were recently released in a fine point in addition to the medium point that was already available. The colors work great on a dark surface.

Here is the first black tile using  the medium point pens.

Black light on tile - aspect 3

Moonlight Gel Pens – Medium Point. Tangled on a black tile with a black light on part of the tile.

The next few pictures are of the same tile with a black light on part of the tile . . . currently I only have a small key chain sized black light thus the multiple pictures with small areas lit with the black light.  Watch how some of the detail pops when hit with the light.

Black light on tile - aspect 2

Moonlight Gel Pens – Medium Point. Tangled on a black tile with a black light on part of the tile.

Black light on tile - aspect 1

Moonlight Gel Pens – Medium Point. Tangled on a black tile with a black light on part of the tile.

Moonlight Medium Point on Black Tile

Moonlight Gel Pens – Medium Point. Original Tangle

The next tile was created with the new fine point Moonlight pens.  Look at the additional details that can be created with the finer point!!  This was created during a class I was attending called “Heart for the City”

Heart for Gary Zentangle

Heart for Gary Tangle on Black Tile with Moonlight Gel Pens

The fine point pens are my favorite.  The medium points will work well for coloring in larger spaces.



Hidden Word strings

What comes to mind when you hear the word “string”? A piece of thread? Some cord to tie a package? The loose end hanging from a piece of clothing that, is tempting to pull but will unravel the cloth or a hem?

In a Zentangle your string is your starting point for your spaces to tangle in.  It can be a random ‘squiggle’ on the page to a particular pattern or a large tangle pattern with tangles inside the pattern!

One fun way to create your string is write a word or words on piece and then tangle around and in the letters.

Here is a string using two names:

Name String

Now . . . can you find the string in this piece that is tangled? It is not the exact same string as above but very similar:

Tangled Name String

Name String – Tangled

(Hint:  The “K: starts in the top left corner, just a little bit in from the left. The “T” starts on the left hand side about half way down.)

Challenge yourself with a new type of string – use a word.

Happy TanglingTina


Photo Booth Frame with Rixty

I wanted to try a a newly released tangle called Rixty as well as play with some new pens and work on some matboard frames I got at Cafe Crop from Sharpeye Framing.

I used violet Mangaka pens from Zig and shaded with purple colored pencils from Faber Castell. The mat is 5×7 and the opening is 3×5 – perfect for a photo . . . or for a mini photo booth shot!


CFA Cow in "photo booth" shot

CFA Cow in “photo booth” shot

Tangling in Church? Yes!

One of my times to tangle is during church – it is my note taking. I used to actually take handwritten notes and illustrate them as I did, now I tangle the notes! It helps me to pay attention to the message rather than looking around to see who is there, what they are wearing, checking to see if any light bulbs have burned out, and other things that distract me from listening. (Yes, the pastor knows that I am drawing and why!)

I like to incorporate themes from the message when possible. My “string” is sometimes a quick sketch of something from the message and then tangles around the string/sketch.

The first one is “Easter Sunday” (2010), shortly after my first class with Rick & Maria. I was still scared of shading at the time so many of my earlier Zentangle tiles are unshaded.  I have chosen to leave them that way as they help me see how my artwork has changed over time.

Easter Sunday 2010 700x723

The next one is from a message in August 2011 on “All About Him” Sunday that was about how we are to be a reflection of Christ, though we can never to so perfectly.  The tangles are reflective from left to right. (message available at: http://bethelweb.org/news/its-all-about-him-xv-conformed-to-his-likeness/)

All About Him Aug 2011-almost done

Both tangles are done with a Micron 01 pen on Zentangle Tiles.

August 2011 message available at: http://bethelweb.org/news/its-all-about-him-xv-conformed-to-his-likeness/

Banners of Hope

In January 2014 at the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) there was a project introduced called Banners of Hope. The banners were displayed at CHA and then donated to Charity Wings to be used as a traveling exhibit to promote the healing art of crafting. (More details can be found at www.craftandhobby.org.)

Since I don’t have usable sewing machine to create a banner with fabric elements, I decided to tangle my contribution.

I used Big Brush pens from Faber Castell as well as various Pitt Pens. The banner is made of canvas.






Getting Started.

Greetings! Thank you for visiting Tina’s Tangles. I will be sharing a variety of Zentangle® based projects as well as other art.

I first met Rick and Maria at a training class they taught for retailers in March of 2010.  It was an early Sunday morning class. As they explained the Zentangle® methodology and taught us our first tangles, I was hooked!  When we finally got kicked out of the room so it could be set up for the next event, I couldn’t wait until the rest of the day was over to go back to my room and tangle some more!

I attended the first CZT certification class I was able to! I started a blog at that point. . . . lost it to a corruption on a server . . . and this is take 2!