Wrap it up and put a Ribbo on it!

My Mom, Sharon, is also a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).  We had the privilege of attending our CZT training together.  She creates beautiful tangled art work, jewelery, clothing and more!  A few months ago she published a new tangle called Ribbo.  It was shared with our fellow CZTs.

Since she does not have a blog, she’s given me permission to share it with you!

Here is her description:

“This tangle came about when wrapping presents. As I looked at what was in front of me, the challenge was to deconstruct it.  I was drawn to paper with pen in hand. . . . that’s what tangling does to you! After several attempts I then settled on starting with a circle, added a loop design (teardrop) and the rest fell into place. I was excited to see a neatly tied tangled package in front of me with very little effort and a few basic lines.  I have found this tangle very versatile. The ribbon effect gives me the strings to invite other tangles into the tile. The Printemps tangle in the center adds a special sparkle and highlight to the tangle. It’s excellent for bookmarks and cards of many occasions. It can be drawn as small or as large as you like and as many loops as you prefer. Easy, yet very delicate and simply elegant. Enjoy!”

Ribbo Tangle Stepouts

Ribbo Tangle by Sharon Caforio

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass is a tangle I’ve been teaching since mid 2010.  In one of my first Zentangle classes we talked about creating new tangles and using inspiration from things around you and nature. In talking through it, we created: Dune Grass with inspiration being the sand dunes along the south shore of Lake Michigan.

As you draw Dune Grass feel the wind of the shore lightly blowing through your hair and a bit of mist from the waves lapping on the beach on your face!

Here are the steps:

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass Tangle Step Out – Step 1

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass Tangle Step Out – Step 2

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass Tangle Step Out – Step 3

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass Tangle Step Out – Step 4

Dune Grass Tangle

Dune Grass Tangle Step Out – Step 5

Here are some projects using Dune Grass.

The “E” in Levi.

Levi Tile

Commemorative Tile for Levi

Tangled Tulip

Fun wooden tangled tulip.

Flag Tile

Patriotic Flag Tile

Hidden Word String Tangle - Bethel

Hidden Word String Tangle – Bethel Church

Note – there is no shading on these. I was quite unsure on shading when I first started tangling in 2010.  I didn’t want to go back and shade these as it is part of my Zentangle journey and helps me see how my tangling has changed over time.

Enjoy! Think of the dune grass blowing in the wind on the lake shore as you tangle.