Hidden Word strings

What comes to mind when you hear the word “string”? A piece of thread? Some cord to tie a package? The loose end hanging from a piece of clothing that, is tempting to pull but will unravel the cloth or a hem?

In a Zentangle your string is your starting point for your spaces to tangle in.  It can be a random ‘squiggle’ on the page to a particular pattern or a large tangle pattern with tangles inside the pattern!

One fun way to create your string is write a word or words on piece and then tangle around and in the letters.

Here is a string using two names:

Name String

Now . . . can you find the string in this piece that is tangled? It is not the exact same string as above but very similar:

Tangled Name String

Name String – Tangled

(Hint:  The “K: starts in the top left corner, just a little bit in from the left. The “T” starts on the left hand side about half way down.)

Challenge yourself with a new type of string – use a word.

Happy TanglingTina