Tangling in Church? Yes!

One of my times to tangle is during church – it is my note taking. I used to actually take handwritten notes and illustrate them as I did, now I tangle the notes! It helps me to pay attention to the message rather than looking around to see who is there, what they are wearing, checking to see if any light bulbs have burned out, and other things that distract me from listening. (Yes, the pastor knows that I am drawing and why!)

I like to incorporate themes from the message when possible. My “string” is sometimes a quick sketch of something from the message and then tangles around the string/sketch.

The first one is “Easter Sunday” (2010), shortly after my first class with Rick & Maria. I was still scared of shading at the time so many of my earlier Zentangle tiles are unshaded.  I have chosen to leave them that way as they help me see how my artwork has changed over time.

Easter Sunday 2010 700x723

The next one is from a message in August 2011 on “All About Him” Sunday that was about how we are to be a reflection of Christ, though we can never to so perfectly.  The tangles are reflective from left to right. (message available at: http://bethelweb.org/news/its-all-about-him-xv-conformed-to-his-likeness/)

All About Him Aug 2011-almost done

Both tangles are done with a Micron 01 pen on Zentangle Tiles.

August 2011 message available at: http://bethelweb.org/news/its-all-about-him-xv-conformed-to-his-likeness/

Banners of Hope

In January 2014 at the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) there was a project introduced called Banners of Hope. The banners were displayed at CHA and then donated to Charity Wings to be used as a traveling exhibit to promote the healing art of crafting. (More details can be found at www.craftandhobby.org.)

Since I don’t have usable sewing machine to create a banner with fabric elements, I decided to tangle my contribution.

I used Big Brush pens from Faber Castell as well as various Pitt Pens. The banner is made of canvas.